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A scientific study on breathing to optimize your health and performance.

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About Functional Breathing

For who?

Whether you're a professional or recreational athlete, a hiker, a yoga teacher, a healthcare professional, a coach, or if you're experiencing any breathing-related health issues, Functional Breathing is for you.​

  • Strengthen the biomechanics of your body.

  • Optimize and balance the biochemistry to increase your lung capacity.

  • Improve the oxygen supply to your cells.

  • Will allow your body to function optimally and efficiently."

Breathe better, breathe less!

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Meditating on Beach

Lung capacity

Having optimal lung capacity is a determining factor for longevity. An efficient and high-performing respiratory system requires balanced biochemistry and functional biomechanics.


Our breathing and our ability to sleep well are closely linked. Having a good night's sleep should be something normal. We know the harmful effects that it can have on the functioning of the body and brain.


Feeling truly alive and joyful when we are awake is a possibility. Diet and physical exercise are two important factors in keeping our bodies dynamic, and it is now proven that breathing profoundly influences our vitality and well-being.

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Daniel Kilmister

Founder of Functional Breathing

Don't you wonder what life can still offer you?

This question led me to discover the world of "Breathwork" and its seemingly endless possibilities.

After working in the health and sports industry for over 20 years, it was time for me to explore new paths through the human experience. I now want to share this fascinating world of "Breathwork" with more people, with you, to help you discover the many possibilities that exist to improve your well-being and health.

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